8 Benefits of Root-Cause Medicine

Chronic Illnesses like depression and anxiety or gut health issues, that often accompany them do not just feel awful to anyone who has ever experienced the emotions associated with it, but - if left untreated and persisting for a longer time (more than 2 weeks) they can lead to severe functional impairment.

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Enjoyment of life and functions of everyday living, like working, grooming, even getting out of bed, getting dressed or even having a shower can feel like impossible tasks.

Throughout history, physicians and healers have always tried to uncover the true causes of their patients or client' illnesses. They were often wrong, and maybe nowadays we also go wrong more often than we like to admit.

But modern medicine has given us many insights in the functions of our body that previous generations had no idea of, so I think it is fair to assume that we are much more often correct than even 100 years ago.

But many people feel not satisfied with the conventional diagnostic and treatment options and I often get asked: "Why is my doctor not looking for the real cause of my issues?"

Well, the truth is that our modern healthcare systems are dominated by financial interests, and often the cover-up of symptoms is a more convenient, easy, fast and cost-efficient initial way to try to make the issues go away.

The problems arise, when they don't, when unpleasant, painful symptoms persist over weeks, months or years, in spite of several treatment attempts, and that is the time when root-cause medicine shines most.

Here are 8 benefits of root-cause medicine for chronic conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, IBS and similar issues.

1. Root-Cause medicine looks at the whole person

All 5 Dimensions of health are seen, analyzed and addressed, when necessary.

After a careful Turn-Around Assessment and analysis by the experienced practitioner a Custom, individualized Life Strategy Plan is crafted together with the client, so the areas of health can be balanced.

Root-cause (Integrative) practitioners are trained in acknowledging the connection between the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial dimensions of each individual.  

We take into account all relationships, social influences and environmental factors that impact our clients’ everyday lives and overall health.

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2. You Need to Look for the root cause of your problems.

You may feel fed up with being treated just for your symptoms, while the root cause of your illness remains hidden.

The more chronic your issues are, the longer they have persisted and the more things you've already tried, the more a proper Turn-Around-Assessment and Life Strategy plan are important. 

We support our clients to investigate every aspect of their life that may be negatively impacting their health.

We dig deep to find the source of the health issues, by using our proprietary questionnaires and method to evaluate your responses as well as additional lab test and other test results from your practitioners, whether naturopaths, physicians, specialists or others. From there, together with you, we and create a treatment plan that treats the root causes and not only puts a band-aid on the issues.

3. Root-cause medicine saves money on long-term health costs.

Often, when new clients contact us, they are amazed at the cost. Obviously it is financially cheaper to use the conventional system, especially if the costs of doctors and drugs are covered by state or provincial healthcare or private insurance. 

But consider this: If you have a festering wound and you keep on putting band-aids on them, the wound gets larger and larger over time until it impacts your whole body and soul and impairs your functioning. It can even destroy your happiness and relationships.

I sometimes use this simple example to show the difference between "regular" and true root-cause medicine:

Imagine you notice a pain in your big toe.  maybe you stubbed it or something. You are not quite sure how it came about, but it hurts.

You see the (conventional) doctor who - without even looking at your toe, gives you a painkiller. You now have the choice to take a painkiller and/or use ice packs or try to ignore it - and if it is only once and doesn't come back, this approach is fine. 

But what if it comes back as soon as the painkiller wears off? The pain comes back with a vengeance. You soon get dependent on this painkiller to walk and eventually the pain can even bother you at night and rob you of your inner peace and your sleep.

You finally decide to give root-cause medicine a try.  The root-cause practitioner asks you many questions, looks at your toe in detail, maybe even suggests a test to look deeper into it. After spending a few hours with you and maybe looking at additional tests, they determine that you stepped in a nail and it is stuck in the toe under the skin. 5 min later and a simple procedure to take the nail out is done.

Now the root-cause is solved, and, after the superficial wound and infection is healed, you finally can sleep and walk without pain. 

You realize that you never needed the painkillers in the first place...

Now, of course, this is a very simple example, but it is similar with much more complex chronic health issues. They very often get mis-diagnosed, not diagnosed at all, or labeled with a name that is defined by a symptom complex, but has no relation to any root causes or effective treatments.

We coach our clients to integrate not just conventional medicine, if helpful and necessary, complimentary practitioners like chiropractors, acupuncturists and others into their treatment plan, but also add a suitable diet, targeted nutritional supplements, orthomolecular medicine, gentle exercises, and other self-care and wellness practices in their life.

This often to leads to substantial partial or complete symptom resolution, makes often medication unnecessary (never discontinue medication without consulting your healthcare practitioner).

This holistic approach also promotes and contributes to preventative health.

All this will, over time, reduces doctor’s visits, illness, disease-risk and complications related to any health conditions they may have.

So maybe it won't save you money, but it may save your happiness, health and even your life.

4. Root-Cause Practitioners listen & want to learn about your whole person, your lifestyle, needs, and beliefs.

In our approach to care, you as the client are “the boss”  in the preparation  and coordination of your health and life plan.  

You are the specialist for your body, mind, relationships and spirit.  Every health and life  plan is tailored and customized to our clients’ individual needs.

There are no one-size fits all solutions.

5. We use the knowledge and skills of our teammates and other practitioners in addition to our own.

At DocChristine, we often work hand in hand with other healthcare and wellness providers.

We know that one provider alone only has so much knowledge and often, we are looking at a health issue predominantly through our own eyes.  

Often, a second (or third) set of eyes, ears and hands can improve your care, so you can benefit from multiple perspectives, healing modalities and have several options to choose from.

If any healthcare practitioner, whether conventionally or "alternatively" trained, feels threatened by your knowledge, dismissed your research on the internet or throws roadblocks in interdisciplinary cooperation when it comes to your health, this should be a big red flag. Run, if you can and get a second opinion.

6. Root-Cause Medicine provides options beyond pills to manage your issues.  

Conventional treatments today often consist of writing a prescription and sending you on your way.  Many of our clients are tired of just being handed pills.

If you want complimentary or alternative solutions for help, we can provide options.  

Instead of just treating the acute issue, we seek to optimize health and quality of your life now and in the future.

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7. We practice what we preach.

We know that to be the best healer for our patients, we must care for our own wellness.

Self-care is a priority in our life, we understand its importance for our own health, and we guide our clients on their own self-care journey with confidence, because it is a part of our life.

In the same breath, we can easily admit that although we deeply care about our clients or patients and strive to give our best at all times, sometimes we fall short. Perfectionism would be nice, but it is not human. 

8. We offer hope.

Many clients come to us when they have tried traditional approaches to healing that have not had satisfactory or long-term results and left them hopeless.

We show our clients that healing comes in many forms and that each person can have a unique response to different methods. Our clients feel uplifted, cared for and supported.

There is a new way forward in medicine and we are proud to be part of that revolution.

Our motto is: “Don’t give up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, too!”

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